Tri Star


Tri-Star Technologies manufactures a full line of dot matrix, ink jet and laser wire and cable marking systems which dereel, pre-treat, measure, mark, in-line cure, cut, strip and coil wire and cable in one continuous, sequential process. Employing UV curable inks, an in-line curing station assures permanent markings with absolutely no damage to the wire insulation. Markings meet all requirements of MIL-W-5088L. All models are microprocessor-controlled and fully automatic. Some of the customers that have purchased one of the Tri-Star Marking Systems include: Boeing, British Aerospace, Cessna, Fokker, Lockheed, Northrop, U.S. Navy, etc.

We partner with our customers to provide superior, engineered electrical interconnect solutions, from component level to integrated assemblies from concept, design, BOM and drawing creation to testing assuring the customer of a fit for purpose end product.