We partner with our customers to provide superior, engineered electrical interconnect solutions, from component level to integrated assemblies from concept, design, BOM and drawing creation to testing assuring the customer of a fit for purpose end product.

TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity products are an important part of an increasingly interconnected world. We can perceive and connect data, energy or signals that move through almost anything. We are delivering power and data more efficiently, and allowing the technology to respond more accurately to the environment surrounding it… no matter how difficult. We are expanding the possibilities and promise of the Internet of Things by delivering the connectivity of devices, systems, and services.

From the Mars rover to underwater communication networks, electric cars, portable fitness trackers, smarter devices and smarter buildings – our connectors, sensors, antennas and other products help shape the future.

Our sub-brands are:

Joslyn Sunbank

Joslyn Sunbank Company, LLC engages in the design, manufacture, and supply of connector accessories and conduit systems to aerospace, military, and commercial industries. The company’s products include back shells for cylindrical connectors; conduit harnessing systems; rectangular back shells and accessories; composite interconnect accessories; and circular connector accessories. It markets its products through a network of representatives and distributors in the United States and internationally. The company was founded in 1958 and is based in Paso Robles, California. Joslyn Sunbank Company.


Daniels Manufacturing Corporation is a world leader in tool systems for the use on aerospace, military interconnect wiring harness systems. All their tools where applicable are QPL(Mil Spec) qualified and carry an international guarantee supported by their distributors within each country of representation.

MK Test Systems

MK Test is a world leading automatic harness tester specializing in the delivery of highly efficient testing applications and high voltage test equipment. With particular reference to automatic harness testing systems. Whether flying at 37,000 feet in an aircraft, or placing equipment on the ocean floor, electrical failure will be costly. Power and Interconnect systems must be reliably tested for electrical integrity – and you can rely on application advice and equipment supplied by MK Test.


Omnetics Connector Company is a privately held, world class connector design and manufacturing company with over 25 years of experience focused upon micro-miniature and nano-miniature high reliability electronic connectors and interconnection systems. Our products are designed and assembled in a single location at our plant in Minneapolis, MN., that includes in-house automatic machining and over-molding equipment.

WL Gore

GORE® Aerospace Cables and Materials provide electrical and mechanical integrity in the most demanding environments. Gore continues to engineer PTFE to develop advanced interconnect systems, cable products and sealants that meet the unique challenges of the aerospace industry, such as reducing downtime, improving pilot communication and providing personnel protection and comfort. Gore cables and cable assemblies incorporate the latest materials science to meet rigorous electrical, mechanical, and environmental requirements. Our cables are engineered for the most demanding applications to offer the highest-in-class performance. They are valued in multiple industries for delivering signal integrity, speed, and mechanical robustness in the harshest environments.

ULTIMATE Connector

Ultimate a high-end cable assembly supplier to the Military and Commercial airframe, Medical and Communication industries let us put our expertise to work for you. We design, manufacture and test custom precision interconnect turnkey solutions to meet your requirements. From over molded back-to-back cables to multiple connector “3D” system harness assemblies, the team at Ulti-Mate is ready to make your concept a reality.

Smiths Connector

Hypertac is a world-leading provider of high performance interconnect solutions and electrical connectors for demanding medical, military, aerospace, industrial, mass transit, test & measurement electronics markets. Hypertac’s extensive product portfolio is built upon the superior Hypertac® hyperboloid contact design, known to outperform all other interconnect contact solutions in terms of performance reliability, number of mating cycles and value. Hypertac provides complete, standard and custom design solutions for customers – including cabling, mechanical, instrumentation housing and electrical modeling and testing – that saves valuable engineering and manufacturing time, and ensure the overall reliability of the final product. Hypertac is a brand of Smiths Connectors.

ATI Connectors

ATI INTERCO designs, manufactures and commercializes complete connectivity solutions, a range of connectors for printed circuits and interfaces, custom connectors, back shells and a large range of cabling components and circular or rectangular connectors accessories. From the first design phase we use validated, tested technologies combined in innovative and pertinent ways to ensure the reliability, security and ergonomics of our customers’ harsh environment electrical systems. Our principal markets are civil and military avionics and space, defense, (missiles, marine, ground based & communications), rail transport and signaling, and all industries using electrical connectors in harsh environments like nuclear energy…..


Tri-Star Technologies manufactures a full line of dot matrix, ink jet and laser wire and cable marking systems which dereel, pre-treat, measure, mark, in-line cure, cut, strip and coil wire and cable in one continuous, sequential process. Employing UV curable inks, an in-line curing station assures permanent markings with absolutely no damage to the wire insulation. Markings meet all requirements of MIL-W-5088L. All models are microprocessor-controlled and fully automatic. Some of the customers that have purchased one of the Tri-Star Marking Systems include: Boeing, British Aerospace, Cessna, Fokker, Lockheed, Northrop, U.S. Navy, etc.

SRI Hermetics

SRI Hermetics was founded on the principle of using advanced engineering and material science to create the world’s leading hermetic electrical connectors and electronic packaging solutions. Since our inception, we have developed and introduced many new technologies to the industry, setting new performance standards and displacing the traditional methods of glass to ferrous alloy sealing.

We partner with our customers to provide superior, engineered electrical interconnect solutions, from component level to integrated assemblies from concept, design, BOM and drawing creation to testing assuring the customer of a fit for purpose end product.