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Essentially a heavy-duty version of a relay, a contactor is typically controlled by a circuit that has far less power than a switched circuit.

While considered a special type of relay, the essential difference between a relay and a contactor is that a contactor is used for applications with higher current carrying capacity, while relays are used for lower current applications. Our electrical contactors are typically fitted with a normally open (NO) contact and they suppress the arc that is produced when interrupting heavy motor currents. Electrical contactors can handle currents of over 5000 amperes and high power over 100 kW. While there are various types of contactors, the most common application is high-current load. We have extensive capabilities in designing and manufacturing contactors for a wide variety of applications, including HVAC, power supply, locomotives, elevator control and motor controls, aerospace and defense, hybrid cars, electric cars, and fuel cell vehicles, as well as EV charging systems

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