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Our expertise in illuminated pushbutton switches, light plates and rugged data entry solutions means that we can offer value-added control panel assemblies by integrating these multiple components and promptly deliver CUSTOMIZED OR BUILD-TO-PRINT DESIGNS.

Our electro-mechanical, optical design, 60 years of manufacturing know-how, combined with our testing capabilities and our long pedigree of QPL certifications make us a unique supplier. 

High-reliability cockpit, flight deck and shipboard control systems integrator

Our flexible design supports a variety of communication protocols, NVIS-compliant lighting, incandescent or LED lighting for mission critical applications. We meet strict environmental standards including the most demanding air, naval and ground vehicles requirements.

Whether you need custom flight control systems, ruggedized HMI display panels or any other cockpit controls featuring bezels, keyboards and/or and switch panels, Staco Systems is your ONE-STOP SUPPLIER. Below are examples of our panels and capabilities.

Examples of Control Panels:

  • Active Ground Detector Panel
  • A-Ice Defog Panel
  • Arming Panel
  • Auto Pilot Panel
  • Auxiliary Panel
  • Ballast Control Panel 
  • Bridge Manual Pump Controller
  • Cabin Smoke Indication Panel
  • Circuit Breaker Panel
  • Data Recorder Panel
  • Docking Station Panel
  • Electrical Management Panel 
  • Emergency Control Panel
  • Engine Control Panel 
  • Engine Order Telegraph (EOT) Panel
  • External Lights Panel
  • Flare Panel
  • Forward Looking Infrared Panel
  • Gun Fire Panel
  • Hydraulic Control Panel
  • Internal Lights Panel
  • Laser Arm Panel
  • Lighting Control Panel
  • Main Control Panel
  • Master Power Panel
  • Navigation Control Panel
  • Power Shutoff Switch Enclose Panel
  • Pressurisation Panel
  • Propeller Order Telegraph (POT) Panel
  • Radar Display Panel
  • Radio Control Panel
  • Sensor Panel 
  • Terrain Lighting Panel

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