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Molding Expertise in Materials to Work for You

Expertise in crosslinked polymer chemistry allows our supplier to create unique formulations that go beyond off-the-shelf polymers to provide exceptional performance in heat-shrinkable tubing, molded parts, and wire insulation and jackets.

Crosslinking and specialized chemical formulations combine to provide demanding markets with reliable high-temperature and fluid-resistant products. Not only did our suppliers business pioneer crosslinking and invent heat-shrinkable tubing, we have continually innovated the technology, evolving it into new materials, new applications, and new levels of performance and quality.

Matched to Your Application Needs

Our suppliers heat-shrinkable molded parts meet a wide range of harsh environmental conditions. Mechanically robust molded parts are easy to install and available in a variety
of sizes and shapes.

We have leveraged our expertise in materials well suited to applications requiring:

  • Low and high-temperature environments Fluid resistance
  • Flame resistance
  • Mechanical abuse
  • Environmental sealing
  • Strain relief
  • Transitions

Slim-Line Boots

Nonlipped Boots for Direct Attachment to Circular Connectors


Lipped Boots for Use with a Circular Connector Adapter

Rectangular Boots

Micromolded Boots


  • Different families meet a wide range of challenging environments
  • Custom material formulation for enhanced performance


  • Molded parts, adhesives, tubing, and cable insulations and jackets— all designed to work together


  • Wide range of shapes and sizes
  • Custom features available
  • With or without pre-applied adhesive


  • High dielectric strength
  • Mechanical robustness
  • Superior chemical and fluid resistance
  • Wide temperature ranges
  • Excellent sealing

A System-Level Approach to Harnessing

Engineered component systems of matched performance is
the key to simplifying product choice for a variety of markets. From commercial applications to high-end demands in the aerospace industry, our supplier has a variety of material systems designed to survive the temperature and harsh environments required by the various markets.

INSTALITE Lightweight Molded Parts

Instalite boots are a lighter weight alternative of our -25 heat-shrink boots. Using our expertise in fluid-resistant, modified elastomers, we’ve created semi-rigid, abrasion-resistant boots that are up to 30% lighter than our standard -25 boots. INSTALITE boots offer the same balance of high-temperature fluid resistance and long-term heat resistance.

Shaped to Your Needs

Also available is an extensive line of adapters and heat-shrinkable tubing to further integrate and strengthen harness assemblies. Whatever your application, our molded parts almost always meet the performance characteristics you require.


Bulbous Shapes:

Raychem bulbous-shaped molded parts are VG approved and help provide rugged mechanical and environmental protection, meet numerous specifications, and have been used successfully in military wire and cable harnesses for more than 30 years.

Most connector strain relief boots come in two versions:

  • Lipped A molded adapter lip locks into the groove on the backshell adapter. Lipped part numbers are identified with a “D” or “K.”
  • Nonlipped The boot may be installed directly on the rear of connector threads 12 mm or longer. Nonlipped part numbers are identified with an “A.”

Heavy-Duty Cable Breakouts:

Heavy-duty breakouts provide mechanical strain relief and environmental sealing for power cables where the cable jacket is cut back and conductors broken out.

These boots are used widely in ship building and meet the requirements of the following:

  • Lloyd’s Register of Shipping
  • Det Norske Veritas (DNV)
  • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
  • DOD-STD-2003
  • MIL-I-81765/1A
  • AS85049/142

Slim-Line Shapes:

With their low profile, these flexible shapes conform to cables better and create less
bulk at transition points and connectors than bulbous shapes. Slim-line shapes include straight and right-angle boots as well as transitions. A small family of parts can provide a wide variety of expansions (under expansion, over expansion, cutoff).

Micromolded Shapes:

With the continued miniaturization of electronic systems and connectors, our micromolded parts offer weight and size savings—and compatibility with today’s miniature parts.

Cable and Caps:

Heat-shrinkable end caps provide a reliable method of sealing power cables, pipes, conduit, and other cylindrical objects to help protect against corrosion and moisture penetration.

EMI Shielded Boots:

The Rayaten screen termination is a range
of heat-shrinkable boots, transitions, and conductive adhesives that provide high levels of screening against electromagnetic radiation across a very wide frequency range.


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